Online Bookkeeping Services: 6 Ways They Can Benefit Your Small Business

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Karine Woodman

Today, everything is online. 

You can read your favorite books on a Kindle, or experience an entirely different part of the world through a VR headset. 

Heck, you can share information and learn about current events as they happen online, with millions of other people all chiming in and sharing their input, for better or worse (otherwise known as Twitter). 

So, while the rise of digital technology has both it’s pros and cons, incorporating online and digital tech into your business is often a very, very good thing. 

The examples are endless, including online project management tools that allow people around the world to collaborate and communicate, allowing for more efficient projects. Or augmented reality technology that gives package designers the opportunity to see how their designs will look like right in front of them, or on the shelf next to competitors. 

Businesses from all industries can utilize digital technology and online tools to streamline their business and to make their company more effective overall. 

Here at 24hr Bookkeeper, we are strong proponents of using online accounting tools (QuickBooks Online in particular) for keeping track of the money going in and out of your business. We work with a lot of construction businesses who love the flexibility that our services provide

Just like those other examples of online and digital technology, online accounting and bookkeeping services provide a lot of benefits for your business — which we’ll discuss in this post. 

Save Yourself Time and Focus On Delivering the Best Service or Product

By using online bookkeeping services, you can save yourself precious time. Imagine the possibilities if you didn’t have to do all that tedious accounting work, and instead dedicate your resources to improve your products or services. 

This is especially beneficial for small businesses, as you’re already a small team and by effectively eliminate a responsibility internally by outsourcing you can make sure you’re not spreading yourself too thin. 

Think about if Steve Jobs had to do his own accounting instead of outsourcing it. Maybe we never get the iPhone (okay that’s an extreme example but you get the point!).

Less Likely to Lose Records That Are Stored Digitally

It’s much easier to misplace physical receipts and records than accounting information that is kept online. We’ve all misplaced important documents or recycled them on accident. You can avoid that issue completely with online accounting. 

And as long as you have access to the online accounting software, you’ll be able to check in on your finances, which will be easily organized and categorized for you. 

You Can Be Confident That Your Accounting Records Are Up-to-Date and Accurate

If you’re outsourcing to a team like 24hr Bookkeeper, you can rest assured that the smart folks on this team are great at what they do. So, if you’re a little inexperienced with accounting, you can take away the burden of not being sure everything is accurate by going with an online bookkeeping service provider. That way, you’ll have the peace of mind that everything is as it should be and you’ll be good to go come tax season. 

Access Your Records From Anywhere

By using online bookkeeping solutions, you can access your records from anywhere as long as you have a connection to the internet. However, if you have a software-based accounting solution, you’re out of luck as you can only access your information from a computer or device that has downloaded the software. 

So, whether you’re on vacation and want to check out how business is going or are working from home for the day, online bookkeeping offers you great flexibility in terms of how and where you can manage your accounting. 

Integration With Other Software in Your Business For Streamlined Operations

Another big benefit of online bookkeeping services is that they can streamline with other key solutions your business uses. For example, here at 24hr Bookkeeper, we integrate QuickBooks with your other key construction software to help keep your business cohesive and streamlined. 

Why 24hr Bookkeeper is the Right Choice For Your Construction Company

At 24hr Bookkeeper, we’ll take care of your accounting needs while still making sure that there is transparency maintained between you and your finances. 

We offer the following services to help streamline your accounting and improve your business: 

Construction Software Integration

As previously mentioned, one of our key services is integrating your construction tools and software with QuickBooks to ensure you have a streamlined workflow. 

Update Financials

We’ll bring your finances up-to-date so you can produce financial reports confidently. 

QuickBooks Training

Learn to use, understand, and confidently navigate QuickBooks Online with one-on-one or group training.

Monthly Bookkeeping

We’ll take care of your financials on both QuickBooks and your construction software, including accounts payable and receivable, payroll, and more. 

Workflow Advisory Services

We produce customized step-by-step financial manuals that identify financial management and workflows, including staff responsibilities and utilization of QuickBooks and construction management software.


To get in touch with us, contact us through our contact form here

We look forward to hearing about your construction business and creating a plan to help you succeed!  

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