BuilderTREND + QBO vs. QuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition

Karine Woodman

You own a construction business. You build houses and work on remodeling projects. All things you feel comfortable with. Have you asked yourself what software you should use to manage projects, customers and financials? As per popular belief, the best option available is Intuit’s QuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition. This option is great, but there’s an even better one out there – BuilderTREND + QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition focuses more on the financial piece of your business, with a few additional reports and features related to the construction field. BuilderTREND with QuickBooks Online integration gives you full financial capabilities, including anytime/anywhere online access, fully loaded mobile apps, great client communication features and construction management tools that really simplify the process.


My intention was to provide a basic table showing the comparison between the two but that’s just not that easy when you are comparing apples to oranges. Though I did put one together, the features speak for themselves. In my research of BuilderTREND + QBO, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not a fair comparison since BuilderTREND dominates with useful features that allow you to manage all your projects, subcontractors and customers under one roof. QuickBooks Online is the financial piece of this equation and together you have a strong blended solution. QuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition can’t be considered a construction management solution because it isn’t one; it’s a financial solution.

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Doug M
Doug M

Could you elaborate on why you compared BT&QBO vs QB Contractor, instead of comparing Buildertrend with QB Online vs Buildertrend with QB Pro/Contractor/Premier?

How do you handle job costing and progress billing when using the BT&QBO option, as QBO seems very limited in job costing and can’t do progress billing?

I would be interested to get your thoughts on this, as it seems you have spent a great deal of time investigating these packages.

Ben A

I currently use BuilderTREND with Quickbooks Premiere Contractor edition. I would love to switch the QBO, but the only reason I have not done so is because of the reporting. Can you get detailed job costing using QBO and BuilderTREND?

David Leary

This is great!

Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson

Ben A,

I have BuilderTrend set up with QBO and get fantastic job cost reports out of QBO. QBO does everything the desktop version does and more. Early versions of QBO lacked the ability to generate job costing reports of any kind really, but the current version does a fantastic job. I’m happy to help if you have questions. -Chris