Buildertrend + QBO vs. QuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition

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Karine Woodman

As a construction business owner, you’re probably very comfortable with building homes and working on remodeling projects. By now, the process is probably second nature.

But, have you ever wondered if there was an easier way to do it? If you’re not using the right software, then you may be limiting your organizational efficiency. Whether it’s managing projects, customers, or financials, the right software can make all the difference.

Many business owners believe that Intuit’s QuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition is the top construction software out there today. But, while it is certainly one of the best options available for keeping tabs on your financials, Buildertrend + QuickBooks Online is the top option, and here’s why.

While QuickBooks Premier Contractor is certainly a great choice for the financial side of your business, Buildertrend + QuickBooks Online gives you the best of both worlds—financial capabilities and construction management solutions with the help of integration.

Comparing Apples to Oranges

The intention with this table isn’t to compare both QuickBooks Premier Contractor and Buildertrend. It’s not a fair comparison since Buildertrend dominates with useful features that allow you to manage all your projects, subcontractors, and customers under one roof. QuickBooks Online is the financial piece of this equation, and together you have a strong blended solution. QuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition can’t be considered a construction management solution because it isn’t one; it’s a financial solution.

So, as you take a look at this table, keep in mind that the point is to show how integrating your software can be extremely beneficial for your construction business.

The chart below compares the construction management features between Buildertrend and QuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition.

BuilderTREND + QBO vs. QuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition

 BuilderTREND + QBOQuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition
DashboardCalled the ‘Summary Grid’. Allows you to view activity status on all aspects of the project and get a summary view by project.

There is a home page, which is more for financial use, rather than a project snapshot.

RemindersYou set reminders that are related to each project.

Reminders are related to financials, not projects.

Employee TimeThe time clock feature allows employees to punch in and out and manage time per project. Does not process payroll.

Process through payroll subscription. Record time by job and timesheets allow for job costing. Also can produce Certified Payroll reports.

Lead ManagementEnter and search leads by multiple criteria such as salesperson, age, source, job status, keyword, project type, proposal status and tags.

Lead Center: Enter name, status of lead and can convert to customer.

Project NotesLog notes by job, add pictures and files. Can give permission to subs and/or customers. Allows for weather related notes.

Comments can be made in the ‘notes’ under the customer account details.

PicturesPictures can be added in multiple activity fields such as the log notes and to-do details. Manage picture folders by jobs.

Not available
BidsInvite subs to bid, view bid status and see all bids at a glance. Communication with the subs can be completely managed through this feature. Manage RFPs also. Filter by bids also makes for easy finding.

Not available
BudgetsBudget features are very detailed. Manage every single process/work type by code. Manage purchase orders within the budget feature. Easy to see the direct costs total vs. contract price and easily identify your gross profit. This is where purchase orders are synced to QBO to create bills and subcontractor payments can also be recorded and synced.
Can create a budget and view by customer. Must use GL accounts.

CalendarSchedule work to be done and view the calendar for all or one job. Share viewing access to customers and subs. Create notes, tags and record phases. Can attach files to the calendar.

Can view a calendar and see financial transaction due dates. Can also view to-do items.

Document StoarageChoose a job and add related documents.

Can attach PDF and spreadsheets to invoices and sales receipts.

Customer CommunicationGive the owners access to job related activities and calendars. Can control items viewed and notification preferences. Beautiful client site – easy to navigate.

Can email invoices and sales receipts. Can create letters with the letter wizard.

SubcontractorsCan give access to contractors to bid and view activities and information related to the project.

Can give access to contractors to bid and view activities and information related to the project.

Change OrdersCreate change orders, add files, manage paid and approval status. Sync change orders to create invoices in QBO.Can create change orders with a workaround via the estimate function.
UsersCreate unlimited access for customers, subcontractors and company users.One (1) user per paid subscription.
ReportsConstruction reports are available in PDF and excel format. Reports look professional.Many construction related reports. Can print in both PDF and excel format. Reports can also be emailed and also look professional.
Mobile AppFree download of mobile application.

Not Available
Financial ManagementUse and connect QuickBooks Online. Anytime access, multiple users, no backups needed and no downloading software updates.Full financial management.

How We Can Help With Your Buildertrend + QuickBooks Online Integration

24hr Bookkeeper is the team to work with when it comes to your Buildertrend + QuickBooks Online integrations. While sure, you can go through the integration process on your own, it’s wise to work with a team of QuickBooks integration experts if you want to ensure the process goes smoothly. By teaming up with 24hr Bookkeeper, we’ll make sure you feel comfortable with not only how you enter information, but where that information is going and how to move it from one software to the other.

There is a lot more to integrating Buildertrend and QuickBooks than you may think. We’ll work with you so that you can avoid the frustrations of going it alone and ensure that the process and transition are smooth.

To get in touch with us, you can fill out this brief form or call 218-885-3100. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!
Other Ways We Can Help Grow Your Construction Business

Catch Up Bookkeeping

Behind on your accounting? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. We’ll bring all your financials up-to-date to ensure that your books reflect accurate and verified financial data. Regain confidence in your financials by working with us.

Workflow Advisory Services

We’ll collaborate with you and your team to create customized, step-by-step financial manuals that clearly and concisely break down your workflow. This includes staff responsibilities and utilization of QuickBooks and construction management software.

Monthly Bookkeeping

Let us worry about your bookkeeping while you focus on delivering awesome projects for your clients. We’ll handle payroll and accounts payable and receivable, as well as reconciliations and review for real-time financials and job costing.

QuickBooks Training

Whether it’s one-on-one training or in a group setting, we’ll make sure everyone on your team is equipped to work through QuickBooks Online with ease. By the time our training is done, you’ll be able to navigate QBO confidently.

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